Colina Homes


In Houston, multiple buyers reported Colina Homes demanded they accept price increases or have their contracts for new homes canceled. “For Valerie Mukoro, it would have been her first home, a newly-build three-bedroom on Houston’s southeast side. “I was very, very excited,” she said. She put down earnest money and signed the dotted line, but shortly afterward came delays. Colina Homes emailed her realtor about construction delays, material delays, and bad weather delays. Mukoro felt like she was hit with a two-by-four by what came next. “They wanted to add $9,000 to the cost of the home,” she said. “The contract I had already signed.” Mukoro said Colina gave her a week to decide, but before that clock ran out, she received an email from the home builder. “That the deal was off and canceled,” Mukoro said. Real estate records show Colina put the home back on the market for $17,000 more than the original contract price. Across town in Katy, Julie and Simon Nockels complained to the BBB that it happened to them by the same builder, Colina Homes.” (KHOU, 4/28/2022)