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3M outperformed expectations after price increases & saw profits decrease by less than expected after hiking prices on its products 3M saw flat sales and a 4.7% drop in profit in Q4 2021, a bet...

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AT&T announced price hikes on wireless customers, the first in three years In Early May 2022, AT&T announced its first price increases on wireless customersin three years. “AT&T’s i...

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Autozone’s CEO said the company had increased pricing due to inflation and “that following periods of higher inflation, our industry has historically not reduced pricing to reflect lower ultimate ...

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Best Buy

Best Buy reported billions in buybacks while hiking prices on appliances Best Buy’s CFO said the company “flowed” the increased prices of appliances onto the consumers.  “Matt Bilunas,...

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Brohn Homes

KXAN reported that Brohn Homes repeatedly used termination clauses to cancel homes if buyers refused to accept price increases.“Central Texas homebuyers are sharing their stories after their dream h...

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Chevron reported one of its most profitable quarters ever even though their overall oil production had decreased Chevron’s CFO celebrated that the company had one of its best quarters since 2008,...

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Despite expanding sales and profit margins, Chipotle’s CEO framed price hikes as a response to wage pressures Chipotle’s CEO said prices had increased 6% year over year, and suggested it was a ...

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Colgate’s CEO boasted of the companies sales despite significant price increases Colgate’s CEO said that company was increasing sales projections, saying “we're showing the ability to take pr...

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Colina Homes

In Houston, multiple buyers reported Colina Homes demanded they accept price increases or have their contracts for new homes canceled. “For Valerie Mukoro, it would have been her first home, a newly...

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Columbia Sportswear

Columbia predicted further price increases on top of what the company had already takes Columbia Sportswear CFO told analysts the company had increased prices and anticipated “further prices incr...

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ConAgra rose prices while benefiting from poorer workers and work-from-home ConAgra CEO said the company was benefitting from “inflation-driven pricing actions and lower-than-expected elasticitie...

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ConocoPhillips said it was seeking a “disciplined kind of growth” in their oil production ConocoPhillips said the company was not seeking to increase production quickly: “companies like ours ...

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