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Canadian National Railway's display image

Canadian National Railway

Canadian National Railways reported record quarterly revenues while funneling $2 billion to shareholders for 2022 Canadian National Railway’s CEO told analysts that the company saw “record” r...

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CSX's display image


CSX reported increased revenue and modest increases in labor costs while announcing nearly $3 billion for investors CSX told analysts second-quarter revenue was up 28% despite flat volumes. “KEVI...

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Norfolk Southern's display image

Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern reported record quarterly revenue while increasing buybacks and dividends for investors Norfolk Southern’s President told analysts the company saw “record” revenue despite a ...

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Union Pacific's display image

Union Pacific

Union Pacific reported billions in revenue and billions in buybacks and dividends Union Pacific reported Q2 operating revenue of $6.3 billion, 14% higher than 2021, despite lower volume. “JENNIFE...

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Tyson Foods's display image

Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods told analysts it was seeing higher sales thanks to higher prices for chicken and prepared foods Tyson Foods’ CEO told analysts that their improvement in sales were “ largely driven ...

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Southwest Airlines's display image

Southwest Airlines

Southwest told analysts that constrained capacity helped drive record revenues, admitted roughly 10% had more delays than before the pandemic Southwest’s CEO boasted their revenues were up 13.9% ...

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American Airlines's display image

American Airlines

American bragged about higher revenues on lower airline capacity American’s CEO boasted that the airlines revenue was up 12.2% from 2019 while flying 8.5% less capacity. “Robert Isom -- Chief E...

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Delta's display image


Delta told analysts the airline was seeing higher revenues on lower capacity, and it planned to hold capacity for the year Delta’s CEO apologized for cancelations and delays and said the company ...

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United Airlines's display image

United Airlines

United repeatedly told analysts it was restricting or reducing capacity, which it credited for higher revenues United’s CEO said that macro trends were “biased towards reducing capacity over th...

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Columbia Sportswear's display image

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia predicted further price increases on top of what the company had already takes Columbia Sportswear CFO told analysts the company had increased prices and anticipated “further prices incr...

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Shell's display image


Shell executives repeatedly bragged that the company funneled more profits to their investors than ever before  Shell’s CEO said the company’s earnings were up 65% from the last time the a...

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Milestone's display image


A reddit comment claimed Milestone in Austin, Texas was using escalation clauses in their contract. “Milestone - Austin TX” (Reddit, 7/16/2021)...

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