Powerful corporations are using the pandemic as an excuse to raise prices and increase their profit margins – while consumers pay the price.

What is contributing to higher prices at the checkout line?

Corporate profiteering and monopoly power are big drivers of price increases. Megacorporations are taking full advantage of recent crises – the pandemic, supply chain issues, and the war in Ukraine – to charge customers more and pad their profit margins. And they hold enough market power to do so without fear of losing customers to other competitors. 

How does corporate profiteering impact workers, families, and small businesses?

While megacorporations are enjoying record-breaking profit margins and Wall Street is getting the “biggest payout in a decade,” people are struggling to afford basic necessities, like gas, groceries, diapers, and prescription drugs. And small businesses are struggling to keep their doors open. 

What are CEOs and their shareholders saying?

CEOs are brazenly boasting to investors about the pay off of their “pricing strategies.” But you don’t have to take our word for it. Decide for yourself.

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