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Mid America Apartments's display image

Mid America Apartments

Mid America Apartments boasted of soaring rents, citing the unaffordability of single family homes Mid America Apartments reported double digits rent increases on its properties and predicted furth...

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UDR said it was passing on any inflation costs to residents and emphasized it it was aggressively raising rents UDR’s CEO: “. We like most every business are feeling the impact of inflation acr...

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AvalonBay's display image


AvalonBay executives crowed to analysts about how much their were increasing rent AvalonBay reported a nearly 10% increase in their lease rental rates. “Sean Breslin - COO: Moving to slide 7. Our...

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Equity Residential's display image

Equity Residential

Equity Residential’s CEO said the company was benefitting from low supply, high prices, and rising rates Equity Residential’s CEO described low supply, high prices, and rising mortgage rates as...

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Taylor Morrison's display image

Taylor Morrison

Taylor Morrison’s CEO told analysts “higher mortgage rates and uncertainties surrounding the economy has pushed many potential homebuyers and all consumer cohorts to the sidelines.”“SHERYL DEN...

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KB Homes

KB Homes called the market “healthy” thanks to significant price increases and limited supply KB Homes CEO bragged to analysts “ we significantly stepped up our profitability, expanding our h...

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D.R. Horton's display image

D.R. Horton

A reddit comment claimed DR Horton used escalation clauses in their contracts for North Texas. “My realtor mentioned that DR Horton added in an escalation clause to their contracts. This is in North...

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PulteGroup’s CEO: “...we raised prices in 2021 and actively restricted new home sales through lot releases or similar practices....we raised prices in effectively all our communities.” “Ryan M...

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Lennar's display image


Lennar told analysts the company was continuing to benefit from low housing supply and was still raising prices A Lennar executive noted that the housing market was benefitting from the fact “sup...

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Invitation Homes's display image

Invitation Homes

Invitation Homes boasted that its lease growth were accelerating but were more affordable due to rising mortgage rates  The CEO of Invitation Homes told analysts that “Lease growth continued...

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American Homes 4 Rent's display image

American Homes 4 Rent

American Homes for Rent saw a tremendous opportunity due to the wide affordability gap between renting and owning The COO of American Homes 4 Rent told analysts that “affordability gap between re...

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Hess Corporation's display image

Hess Corporation

The Hess Corporation said high oil prices were the result of oil companies choosing not to invest in production for the past five years The Hess Corporation blamed oil prices on the fact that “oi...

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