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Chevron reported one of its most profitable quarters ever even though their overall oil production had decreased Chevron’s CFO celebrated that the company had one of its best quarters since 2008,...

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Phillips 66

Phillips 66 reported massive profits thanks to tight refining capacity, allowing the company to increase its dividends Phillips 66 told analysts that even as new refinery capacity was increasing, a...

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Toll Brothers

A reddit comment claimed that Toll Brothers was requiring buyers to accept price increases on their new home contracts. “Our agent said a buddy who works for Toll Brothers told him the opposite, tha...

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Texas Association of Builders

The Texas Association of Builders included price escalation clauses in their standard contracts  The Texas Association of Builders included an escalation clause in their standard Fixed Price C...

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Our Country Homes

The Dallas CBS station found that Our Country Homes was requiring home buyers to put down more money or face cancellation for their new homes. “Citing an 'unprecedented' increase in costs, in the pa...

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KB Homes

KB Homes called the market “healthy” thanks to significant price increases and limited supply KB Homes CEO bragged to analysts “ we significantly stepped up our profitability, expanding our h...

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D.R. Horton

A reddit comment claimed DR Horton used escalation clauses in their contracts for North Texas.“My realtor mentioned that DR Horton added in an escalation clause to their contracts. This is in North ...

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Colina Homes

In Houston, multiple buyers reported Colina Homes demanded they accept price increases or have their contracts for new homes canceled. “For Valerie Mukoro, it would have been her first home, a newly...

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Valero’s CEO said their margins were boosted by “refinery capacity rationalization” and the Russia-Ukraine conflict limiting supply. “Joseph Gorder - CEO: Refining margins in the second q...

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Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson said it was benefitting from price increases that would continue through 2022 Johnson & Johnson said worldwide growth was “primarily driven by strategic price increases ...

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Prologis’ CEO said the company was continuing to benefit from Russia’s war on Ukraine Prologis CEO: “Europe is as good as I remember Europe being because actually the war and sort of the exce...

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FedEx told analysts the company was still benefitting from price increases and constrained supply  FedEx’s CEO told analysts the company “experienced modest revenue growth driven by higher...

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