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Kohl’s said as national brands were raising prices, they could raise prices on top Kohl’s CFO: “We do have a great pricing elasticity model. So we do leverage that to make our pricing decisio...

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Best Buy

Best Buy reported billions in buybacks while hiking prices on appliances Best Buy’s CFO said the company “flowed” the increased prices of appliances onto the consumers.  “Matt Bilunas,...

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3M outperformed expectations after price increases & saw profits decrease by less than expected after hiking prices on its products 3M saw flat sales and a 4.7% drop in profit in Q4 2021, a bet...

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Lowes told analysts the company had changed its pricing strategy to be “competitive” rather than offering promotions Lowe’s CFO said that their product margins had improved “as we leveraged...

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EOG Resources

EOG’s President: “So our exploration program isn't focused on adding more…Sustaining and growing the regular dividend remains our highest priority and reflects our confidence in the long-term pe...

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Driven Brands

Driven Brand’s CEO boasted that “Our supply chain capabilities that keep us in stock and allow us to take share and price when others cannot.” “Jonathan Fitzpatrick -- President and Chief Exec...

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PPG’s CEO told analysts “we have continued to improve our pricing realization in both pace and cadence…Our price capture this cycle is much faster.” “Michael McGarry -- Chairman and Chief Ex...

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Nestle credited price increases for boosting sales numbers Nestle’s CEO credited sales growth in Q1 to “increased pricing.” “Mark Schnieder, CEO: Thank you, Luca. And a warm welcome to our ...

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Occidental Petroleum

Occidental Petroleum said it would use high oil prices to send more money to investors rather than grow production  Occidental Petroleum’s CEO: “If oil prices remain supportive this year, ...

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McDonalds credited sales growth to menu price hikes that it worked to implement with franchisees Net sales rose 13% to $6.01 billion thanks to “menu price hikes.” “Net sales rose 13% to $6.01...

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Kroger said it benefited from inflation because it was still cheaper to eat at home Kroger’s CFO said “We've been very comfortable with our ability to pass on the increases that we've seen at t...

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Hostess boasted of its “pricing power,” saying “When all prices go up, it helps.” Hostess CEO boasted to analysts and investors about the company’s “proven pricing power.” “Andy Cal...

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