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Hershey’s CEO said the company’s price increases “have seen a little bit better performance versus historical” price elasticity, suggesting consumers were accepting hikes. “Michele Buck - CE...

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Hormel raised prices to boost margins and said the hikes are “by and large to stay” Hormel CEO: “The other thing to remember in all of this that we've talked about many times is our Grocery P...

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Kellogg’s CEO told CNBC it was hiking prices: “our goal is to cover all of those input costs with pricing and productivity, and we think we’re in very good shape to do that.” “Kellogg may ra...

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Krispy Kreme

The CFO of Krispy Kreme: “we effectively ended the year with double-digit price increase for the year in the U.S., high single-digit on average across the world.” “John Glass -- Morgan Stanley -...

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ConocoPhillips said it was seeking a “disciplined kind of growth” in their oil production ConocoPhillips said the company was not seeking to increase production quickly: “companies like ours ...

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Continental Resources

Continental Resources’s CEO said the company was limiting production growth and warned of oversupply Continental Resources CEO: “We will maintain our capital discipline, and we project generati...

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Sealed Air

Sealed Air admitted it was continuing price hikes even though input costs are going down & told investors it had “accelerated pricing actions” in 2021 Sealed Air CEO: “Starting in Q2 2021...

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Marathon’s CEO told analysts the company chose to focus on returns to investors over increasing production  Marathon’s CEO boasted “Our cash flow-driven return of capital framework uniqu...

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Delek executives told analysts the industry was being disciplined about production  Delek US Holdings: “The producers are saying that they are going to be disciplined. I honestly think that ...

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Walmart US CEO told investors that they’re “seeing opportunities” for price rollbacks despite the inflationary environment. “John Furner -- President, Chief Executive Officer, Walmart U.S.: Wh...

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Utz was explicit their price increases had “stickiness” that would boost profit margins even after inflation slows  Utz CEO: “we took significant pricing actions throughout 2021 with an ...

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Pepsi announced it would raise prices after raising earnings expectations, claiming “our products are worth paying more for” Pepsi’s CEO suggested that consumers “might be paying less atte...

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