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PepsiCo marveled at how much they were able to hike prices to boost their sales PepsiCo’s CFO’s described their company as benefitting from a “combination of high pricing right now as well as...

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Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson hiked prices to boost their margins and help funnel billions to their shareholders Johnson & Johnson told analysts that their sales increase “were primarily driven by st...

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Canadian National Railway

Canadian National Railways reported record quarterly revenues while funneling $2 billion to shareholders for 2022 Canadian National Railway’s CEO told analysts that the company saw “record” r...

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Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern reported record quarterly revenue while increasing buybacks and dividends for investors Norfolk Southern’s President told analysts the company saw “record” revenue despite a ...

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Starwood Property Trust

Starwood Property Trust told analysts that rents were increasing and rising interests rates would limit supply relief “The CEO of Starwood Property Trust criticized the Fed for raising rates too ...

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A reddit comment claimed Milestone in Austin, Texas was using escalation clauses in their contract. “Milestone - Austin TX” (Reddit, 7/16/2021)...

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A reddit comment claimed that Silverstone in Georgia demanded they pay $25,000 more for their home or they would terminate the contract.“We signed a contract in Feb with Silverstone in GA to be comp...

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Venture Homes

A reddit comment claimed that Venture Homes in Georgia demanded $42,000 more for their home or risk cancelation. “Signed Jan 15th with Venture homes in GA. Expected completion was mid-late September...

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Deb Webb

A reddit comment claimed Deb Webb included escalation clauses in their contracts. “Deb Webb (Southern Cali) has an escalation clause in their contracts. Just recently received an email they are no l...

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Brohn Homes

KXAN reported that Brohn Homes repeatedly used termination clauses to cancel homes if buyers refused to accept price increases.“Central Texas homebuyers are sharing their stories after their dream h...

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AT&T announced price hikes on wireless customers, the first in three years In Early May 2022, AT&T announced its first price increases on wireless customersin three years. “AT&T’s i...

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Texas Association of Builders

The Texas Association of Builders included price escalation clauses in their standard contracts  The Texas Association of Builders included an escalation clause in their standard Fixed Price C...

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