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General Mills

On General Mills earning calls, multiple analysts pressed the company to confirm that its price increases actually outstripped cost inflation General Mill’s CFO responded to a question about pric...

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Coca-Cola boasted to analysts the company had increased their sales by hiking prices Coca-Cola’s CEO boasted of strong revenue growth “driven by pricing actions and robust volume growth.” “...

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Mondelez’s CEO boasted that the company seeing sales increase even as it hiked prices Mondelez’s CEO boasted of 12% revenue growth thanks in part to “strong pricing” and “resilient demand...

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Kraft Heinz

Kraft executives marveled at the success of their price hikes Kraft Heinz’s CFO: “we have executed a new price increase in the month of August. And the elasticities turned out to be stronger th...

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Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods told analysts it was seeing higher sales thanks to higher prices for chicken and prepared foods Tyson Foods’ CEO told analysts that their improvement in sales were “ largely driven ...

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PepsiCo marveled at how much they were able to hike prices to boost their sales PepsiCo’s CFO’s described their company as benefitting from a “combination of high pricing right now as well as...

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Nestle credited price increases for boosting sales numbers Nestle’s CEO credited sales growth in Q1 to “increased pricing.” “Mark Schnieder, CEO: Thank you, Luca. And a warm welcome to our ...

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McDonalds credited sales growth to menu price hikes that it worked to implement with franchisees Net sales rose 13% to $6.01 billion thanks to “menu price hikes.” “Net sales rose 13% to $6.01...

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Kroger said it benefited from inflation because it was still cheaper to eat at home Kroger’s CFO said “We've been very comfortable with our ability to pass on the increases that we've seen at t...

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Hostess boasted of its “pricing power,” saying “When all prices go up, it helps.” Hostess CEO boasted to analysts and investors about the company’s “proven pricing power.” “Andy Cal...

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Despite expanding sales and profit margins, Chipotle’s CEO framed price hikes as a response to wage pressures Chipotle’s CEO said prices had increased 6% year over year, and suggested it was a ...

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ConAgra rose prices while benefiting from poorer workers and work-from-home ConAgra CEO said the company was benefitting from “inflation-driven pricing actions and lower-than-expected elasticitie...

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