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Procter & Gamble's display image

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble executives repeatedly credited price hikes for driving sales growth Procter & Gamble CFO credited hiking prices for higher sales: “Organic sales grew 7%, pricing added ni...

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Colgate’s CEO boasted of the companies sales despite significant price increases Colgate’s CEO said that company was increasing sales projections, saying “we're showing the ability to take pr...

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Kimberly Clark's display image

Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark repeatedly emphasized the company was planning on further price hikes Kimberly Clark’s CEO said the company had “taken further action to realize additional pricing” which they ...

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Columbia Sportswear's display image

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia predicted further price increases on top of what the company had already takes Columbia Sportswear CFO told analysts the company had increased prices and anticipated “further prices incr...

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Walgreens's display image


Walgreens told analysts their retail business was boosted by price hikes Walgreens credited growth in their retail profit margins to “strategic pricing and promotion optimization and stabilizing ...

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Sherwin Williams's display image

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams repeatedly told analysts it had boosted sales by hiking prices double digits Sherwin Williams reported a record $6 billion in sales thanks to “double-digit” price increases.“...

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Mattel's display image


Mattel repeatedly told analysts the company was benefiting from price increases beyond the cost of inflation Mattel’s CEO told analysts that the company was benefiting from “from pricing action...

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Hasbro's display image


Hasbro told analysts that fans and collectors made it easier to raise prices Hasbro’s CEO crowed about their MAGIC card game business: “we find the fans in the MAGIC segment and in our overall ...

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Autozone's display image


Autozone’s CEO said the company had increased pricing due to inflation and “that following periods of higher inflation, our industry has historically not reduced pricing to reflect lower ultimate ...

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Whirlpool's display image


Whirlpool announced price hikes days after authorizing $2 billion in stock buybacks  In April 2021, Whirlpool announced it had authorized $2 billion in additional share repurchases as well as ...

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Walmart and Target's display image

Walmart and Target

Walmart and Target were punished by investors for not raising prices more Both Walmart and Target surpassed Wall Street expectations with record third quarters, but were punished by investors for n...

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Spectrum Brands's display image

Spectrum Brands

Spectrum Brands, a pet and home good supplier, justified price increases by pointing to pent up consumer demand The CFO of Spectrum Brands reported increasing prices throughout 2021 and into 2022. ...

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