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Toll Brothers

A reddit comment claimed that Toll Brothers was requiring buyers to accept price increases on their new home contracts. “Our agent said a buddy who works for Toll Brothers told him the opposite, tha...

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Tricon Residential

Tricon Residential told analysts rising interests rates were fueling demand for their rental homes Tricon Residential CEO: “the demand for our high-quality professionally managed rental homes rem...

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Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods told analysts it was seeing higher sales thanks to higher prices for chicken and prepared foods Tyson Foods’ CEO told analysts that their improvement in sales were “ largely driven ...

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UDR said it was passing on any inflation costs to residents and emphasized it it was aggressively raising rents UDR’s CEO: “. We like most every business are feeling the impact of inflation acr...

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Union Pacific

Union Pacific reported record revenues thanks to higher prices and surcharges Union Pacific reporter operating income growth of 13% thanks to fuel surcharges and “strong core pricing gains.”“...

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United Airlines

United repeatedly told analysts it was restricting or reducing capacity, which it credited for higher revenues United’s CEO said that macro trends were “biased towards reducing capacity over th...

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Utz was explicit their price increases had “stickiness” that would boost profit margins even after inflation slows  Utz CEO: “we took significant pricing actions throughout 2021 with an ...

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Valero told analysts the company was benefitting from tight capacity and it did not see the situation changing Valero’s CEO told analysts the company was benefitting from a situation where “glo...

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Venture Homes

A reddit comment claimed that Venture Homes in Georgia demanded $42,000 more for their home or risk cancelation. “Signed Jan 15th with Venture homes in GA. Expected completion was mid-late September...

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Verizon Communications

Verizon announced new fees on customers after warning investors about a 40year high in inflation In May 2022, Verizon announced new fees for wireless and business customers.“Many Verizon customer...

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Visa reported massive increases in processed transactions, on which they recently raised fees Visa’s CEO told analysts their quarterly revenue had increased 19%. “Al Kelly -- Chairman and Chief...

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Walgreens told analysts their retail business was boosted by price hikes Walgreens credited growth in their retail profit margins to “strategic pricing and promotion optimization and stabilizing ...

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