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Procter & Gamble's display image

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble executives repeatedly credited price hikes for driving sales growth Procter & Gamble CFO credited hiking prices for higher sales: “Organic sales grew 7%, pricing added ni...

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Prologis’ CEO said the company was continuing to benefit from Russia’s war on Ukraine Prologis CEO: “Europe is as good as I remember Europe being because actually the war and sort of the exce...

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PulteGroup’s CEO: “...we raised prices in 2021 and actively restricted new home sales through lot releases or similar practices....we raised prices in effectively all our communities.” “Ryan M...

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Sealed Air

Sealed Air admitted it was continuing price hikes even though input costs are going down & told investors it had “accelerated pricing actions” in 2021 Sealed Air CEO: “Starting in Q2 2021...

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Shell executives repeatedly bragged that the company funneled more profits to their investors than ever before  Shell’s CEO said the company’s earnings were up 65% from the last time the a...

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Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams repeatedly told analysts it had boosted sales by hiking prices double digits Sherwin Williams reported a record $6 billion in sales thanks to “double-digit” price increases.“...

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A reddit comment claimed that Silverstone in Georgia demanded they pay $25,000 more for their home or they would terminate the contract.“We signed a contract in Feb with Silverstone in GA to be comp...

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Southwest Airlines

Southwest told analysts that constrained capacity helped drive record revenues, admitted roughly 10% had more delays than before the pandemic Southwest’s CEO boasted their revenues were up 13.9% ...

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Spectrum Brands

Spectrum Brands, a pet and home good supplier, justified price increases by pointing to pent up consumer demand The CFO of Spectrum Brands reported increasing prices throughout 2021 and into 2022. ...

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Starwood Property Trust's display image

Starwood Property Trust

Starwood Property Trust told analysts that rents were increasing and rising interests rates would limit supply relief “The CEO of Starwood Property Trust criticized the Fed for raising rates too ...

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Taylor Morrison

Taylor Morrison’s CEO told analysts “higher mortgage rates and uncertainties surrounding the economy has pushed many potential homebuyers and all consumer cohorts to the sidelines.”“SHERYL DEN...

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Texas Association of Builders

The Texas Association of Builders included price escalation clauses in their standard contracts  The Texas Association of Builders included an escalation clause in their standard Fixed Price C...

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