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Despite expanding sales and profit margins, Chipotle’s CEO framed price hikes as a response to wage pressures Chipotle’s CEO said prices had increased 6% year over year, and suggested it was a ...

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Coca-Cola boasted to analysts the company had increased their sales by hiking prices Coca-Cola’s CEO boasted of strong revenue growth “driven by pricing actions and robust volume growth.” “...

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Colgate’s CEO boasted of the companies sales despite significant price increases Colgate’s CEO said that company was increasing sales projections, saying “we're showing the ability to take pr...

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Colina Homes

In Houston, multiple buyers reported Colina Homes demanded they accept price increases or have their contracts for new homes canceled. “For Valerie Mukoro, it would have been her first home, a newly...

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Columbia Sportswear

Columbia predicted further price increases on top of what the company had already takes Columbia Sportswear CFO told analysts the company had increased prices and anticipated “further prices incr...

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ConAgra rose prices while benefiting from poorer workers and work-from-home ConAgra CEO said the company was benefitting from “inflation-driven pricing actions and lower-than-expected elasticitie...

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ConocoPhillips expanded its stock buyback authorization after planning to spend $15 billion on dividends and buybacks in 2022 ConocoPhillips CEO boasted of the record oil production and increasing ...

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Constellation Brands, producer of Modelo and Corona, said it raised prices as much as its “Hispanic” consumers would allow Constellation Brands is a beer, wine, liquor distributor that owns the...

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Continental Resources

Continental Resources’s CEO said the company was limiting production growth and warned of oversupply Continental Resources CEO: “We will maintain our capital discipline, and we project generati...

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CSX told analysts that profits were growing despite increased labor costs thanks to higher pricing CSX told analysts that their operating income grew 10% even after accounting for higher wages and ...

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D.R. Horton

A reddit comment claimed DR Horton used escalation clauses in their contracts for North Texas. “My realtor mentioned that DR Horton added in an escalation clause to their contracts. This is in North...

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Deb Webb

A reddit comment claimed Deb Webb included escalation clauses in their contracts. “Deb Webb (Southern Cali) has an escalation clause in their contracts. Just recently received an email they are no l...

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