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HB Fuller's display image

HB Fuller

HB Fuller’s CEO crowed how the company’s price increases more than offset inflation and even expanded their margins HB Fuller’s CEO told analysts the company “supported our margins by offse...

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Hershey’s's display image


Hershey’s CEO said the company’s price increases “have seen a little bit better performance versus historical” price elasticity, suggesting consumers were accepting hikes. “Michele Buck - CE...

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Hess Corporation's display image

Hess Corporation

The Hess Corporation said high oil prices were the result of oil companies choosing not to invest in production for the past five years The Hess Corporation blamed oil prices on the fact that “oi...

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Home Depot's display image

Home Depot

Home Depot’s CFO told analysts “home equity values over the last two years have increased by 40% or over $7 billion just in the last two years. So the homeowner has never had a balance sheet that ...

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Hormel's display image


Hormel raised prices to boost margins and said the hikes are “by and large to stay” Hormel CEO: “The other thing to remember in all of this that we've talked about many times is our Grocery P...

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Hostess's display image


Hostess boasted of its “pricing power,” saying “When all prices go up, it helps.” Hostess CEO boasted to analysts and investors about the company’s “proven pricing power.” “Andy Cal...

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Invitation Homes's display image

Invitation Homes

Invitation Homes boasted that its lease growth were accelerating but were more affordable due to rising mortgage rates  The CEO of Invitation Homes told analysts that “Lease growth continued...

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Johnson & Johnson's display image

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson hiked prices to boost their margins and help funnel billions to their shareholders Johnson & Johnson told analysts that their sales increase “were primarily driven by st...

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KB Homes

KB Homes called the market “healthy” thanks to significant price increases and limited supply KB Homes CEO bragged to analysts “ we significantly stepped up our profitability, expanding our h...

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Kellogg’s's display image


Kellogg’s CEO told CNBC it was hiking prices: “our goal is to cover all of those input costs with pricing and productivity, and we think we’re in very good shape to do that.” “Kellogg may ra...

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Kimberly Clark's display image

Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark repeatedly emphasized the company was planning on further price hikes Kimberly Clark’s CEO said the company had “taken further action to realize additional pricing” which they ...

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Kohl’s said as national brands were raising prices, they could raise prices on top Kohl’s CFO: “We do have a great pricing elasticity model. So we do leverage that to make our pricing decisio...

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