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Kraft Heinz's display image

Kraft Heinz

Kraft executives marveled at the success of their price hikes Kraft Heinz’s CFO: “we have executed a new price increase in the month of August. And the elasticities turned out to be stronger th...

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Krispy Kreme

The CFO of Krispy Kreme: “we effectively ended the year with double-digit price increase for the year in the U.S., high single-digit on average across the world.” “John Glass -- Morgan Stanley -...

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Kroger said it benefited from inflation because it was still cheaper to eat at home Kroger’s CFO said “We've been very comfortable with our ability to pass on the increases that we've seen at t...

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Lennar told analysts the company was continuing to benefit from low housing supply and was still raising prices A Lennar executive noted that the housing market was benefitting from the fact “sup...

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Lowes told analysts the company had changed its pricing strategy to be “competitive” rather than offering promotions Lowe’s CFO said that their product margins had improved “as we leveraged...

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Macy’s CFO said the company’s margins increased thanks to a 10% increase in the full price Average Unit Retail for Macy’s brand. “Adrian Mitchell -- Chief Financial Officer: Merchandise margin...

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Marathon’s CEO told analysts the company chose to focus on returns to investors over increasing production  Marathon’s CEO boasted “Our cash flow-driven return of capital framework uniqu...

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Mastercard’s revenue increased 23%, thanks to increased proccessing fees Mastercard’s CEO reported their quarterly revenue had increased 23%. “Michael Miebach -- Chief Executive Officer: Than...

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Mattel repeatedly told analysts the company was benefiting from price increases beyond the cost of inflation Mattel’s CEO told analysts that the company was benefiting from “from pricing action...

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McDonalds credited sales growth to menu price hikes that it worked to implement with franchisees Net sales rose 13% to $6.01 billion thanks to “menu price hikes.” “Net sales rose 13% to $6.01...

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Mid America Apartments

Mid America Apartments boasted of soaring rents, citing the unaffordability of single family homes Mid America Apartments reported double digits rent increases on its properties and predicted furth...

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A reddit comment claimed Milestone in Austin, Texas was using escalation clauses in their contract. “Milestone - Austin TX” (Reddit, 7/16/2021)...

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