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Mondelez’s CEO boasted that the company seeing sales increase even as it hiked prices Mondelez’s CEO boasted of 12% revenue growth thanks in part to “strong pricing” and “resilient demand...

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Nestle credited price increases for boosting sales numbers Nestle’s CEO credited sales growth in Q1 to “increased pricing.” “Mark Schnieder, CEO: Thank you, Luca. And a warm welcome to our ...

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Nike raised prices in 2021 and continued to benefit from those hikes. In September 2021, Nike told investors it was taking advantage of the strong market by raising prices Nike CFO: “We delivered...

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Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern reported record quarterly revenue while increasing buybacks and dividends for investors Norfolk Southern’s President told analysts the company saw “record” revenue despite a ...

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Occidental Petroleum

Occidental Petroleum said it would use high oil prices to send more money to investors rather than grow production  Occidental Petroleum’s CEO: “If oil prices remain supportive this year, ...

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Our Country Homes

The Dallas CBS station found that Our Country Homes was requiring home buyers to put down more money or face cancellation for their new homes. “Citing an 'unprecedented' increase in costs, in the pa...

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Party City

Party City suggested it would hike prices through the holidays Party City’s CEO said the company was “exercising our pricing power in the celebrations market by expanding our already strong und...

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PepsiCo marveled at how much they were able to hike prices to boost their sales PepsiCo’s CFO’s described their company as benefitting from a “combination of high pricing right now as well as...

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Pfizer’s CEO attacked planned drug pricing reform for singling out their industry Pfizer’s CEO attacked the proposed Inflation Reduction Act for implementing “price setting” and “forcing ...

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Phillips 66

Phillips 66 repeatedly told analysts the company was focused on shoveling money back to investors Phillips 66 CEO: “ We're committed to strong shareholder distributions… During the quarter, we ...

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Pioneer Natural Resources

Pioneer Natural Resources boasted of the billions it was shoveling to their investors Pioneer Natural Resources’s CEO told analysts the company had funneled roughly $7.5 billion back to sharehold...

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PPG’s CEO told analysts “we have continued to improve our pricing realization in both pace and cadence…Our price capture this cycle is much faster.” “Michael McGarry -- Chairman and Chief Ex...

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